remote job ideas for sailboat living

Remote career ideas for full-time boat dwellers

Living on a boat is awesome, but unless you’re already a millionaire, then you’re going to have to learn how to make money while you travel. The good news is that thanks to technology, that’s easier than ever.

Here are a few ideas for remote careers that you can do literally anywhere, even on your sailboat! Let’s get started.

Freelance Writer

Do you have some serious writing chops? Becoming a freelance writer can be easier than you think if you’re willing to hustle. However, competition is fierce, and you’ve gotta be able to sell yourself to clients.

You can use sites like UpWork to get you started, and you can even find jobs on hobby forums for your chosen subject or on Reddit! Getting your first few projects is the toughest part, but don’t give up!

Need an in for getting paid work? Try pitching some ideas pro-bono to blogs in your niche so you can use them as portfolio examples. Just make sure that you’re named as the author.

Customer Service Jobs

Be warned that you’ll need to have good internet access for these jobs to be viable. However, it’s a decent paying remote job that you don’t generally need to have any education for.

These agents work remotely, assisting customers via phone, email, and online chat. Places like Amazon, hotels, credit card companies, and rental agencies hire agents like this.

Need help getting and staying connected? This post helped me to establish a viable internet source so that I can work from my boat.

Start a business

Starting a business will give you the most freedom. You can employ a warehouse to ship your products and handle most of your customer service tasks, freeing up a good deal of your time.

The negatives? Running a business is still a lot of work, even if you can offload the day to day chores, and it’s not for everyone. A lot of businesses fail, and you should be well established and have a backup plan before you set sail thinking you’ll make a million dollars this way.

Amazon FBA is a popular choice, because they handle most of the work that can’t be done remotely. You also have the benefit of your products being listed next to Amazon’s other wares and prime shipping for your customers.

Virtual Assistant

Not really looking to deal with the headaches of shipping products to customers? Well, you could always help somebody else with their business. Busy entrepreneurs everywhere are hiring virtual assistants, people who do time consuming virtual tasks for them like sending emails, research, data entry, etc.

If you like doing this sort of thing, then you could become a valued contractor for them. There are agencies where you can get your start, but places like Reddit often have people looking to hire remote assistants too.

Graphic Designer

Are you an artist? Well, guess what! Your work can be done from anywhere, and there’s no reason why you can’t do it from your boat. Think about your art, and then decide who would benefit from it.

People need to hire artists for many reasons. This includes logo designs, advertising, t-shirts, album art, etc. You can find customers using a variety of means, and you can break in much the same way as we talked about in the writing section.

Graphic design is also a field where people care about results and not education. Your clients don’t care if you went to art school. They care that you can deliver a great product for them. So, don’t let a lack of formal training hold you back.

Software Development

If you’d like a job with a more stable salary, then there are plenty of jobs in the world of software development that allow remote work. You might need to look for a while though before you find a flexible employer.

These jobs require a good deal of training and experience, but they pay well, and many people enjoy working on these types of projects. Online coding schools can give you a push in the write direction if you have no experience in the field but are keen to learn.

You can then work on getting an entry level position somewhere, and then transition that to a remote work opportunity. Don’t expect to immediately be hired on as a remote employee though.


Are you great at selling things? If so, then businesses of all kinds will pay you a commission to help them make more sales. Becoming an affiliate marketer takes a lot of work, but you can learn everything you need to know online for free. Plus, you can get started immediately if you want to.

Some people promote using organic content like videos or blogs, and others use paid advertisements. The second way is the fastest, but it’s also the most expensive, and the learning curve is a little steeper.

In any case, it’s not a bad way to make a living, and you can easily create a passive income stream that will earn you money without much effort once you get everything down.

Teach English Online

This one will require a degree in most cases, but if you have one, then you might be able to make a nice salary teaching over Skype! There is a start-up fee of around $250 to get certified here, but after that you can get jobs from several places like VIPKid or Cambly.

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